The Arts
Awards & Honors

Ms. Daman has studied the art of dance and movement for over twenty years.  She originally learned the structure and discipline by way of the St. Louis Ballet Training School, St. Louis Academy of Dance and many more conservatory programs, etc. 

She has formally studied Spanish Flamenco, Irish Clogging, Hawaiian Hula along with the standard tap, jazz and lyrical.  During her study abroad in Geneva, Switzerland she studied Pilates (which was instructed in French).  She later used both the physical training and linguistical training experience as backing to support her fluency in French. 

Upon returning to the states, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in French language and culture.  Graduating early from Webster University, St. Louis, Ms. Daman embarked on an entrepreneurial journey of commencing her own company, the Cultural Arts Center of St. Louis, LLC.  Honoring those that serve our nation, she provides art-based educational outreach programs to soldiers, veterans and their families along with the Greater St. Louis community.  

Linguistically Ms. Daman is fluent in French, Italian and Spanish.  She can be instructed to follow orders in any of these languages along with basic knowledge of Portuguese.

Regarding authorship, Ms. Daman has published eleven books and the twelfth is set-to-ready to be printed.  Her first book, Bridging St. Louis One Cultural Step at a Time, was the book that she launched originally touching on the business management and entrepreneurship.  She has plans of authoring additional publications in the near future.      

My all-time favorite show is LOST.  Similar to the main character Jack (LOST TV Series), I’m not one to sit back and take a passive approach on any aspect of my life, personal or professional.  The show is about making your own destiny and carving your own path in life.  I believe strongly in the principal of “listen to your instincts.”