The Arts
Awards & Honors

Webster University GenevaFirst person in the history of Webster University's foreign language department to complete graduation and linguistical requirements in only three years.   

Awarded French Language Scholarship – Marianne E. and Peter A. Gleich
Awarded Swiss Study Abroad Airfare – Based on highest ranking GPA

Webster University's Foreign Language Department has featured my book "Bridging St. Louis: One Cultural Step at a Time" on display in their International honorary cabinet.  

Webster University’s Library – Emerson Library also houses a copy of “Bridging St. Louis.”  An alumni honorary plaque has been placed inside of the front cover.    

Study Abroad: Geneva, Switzerland – Webster University
International Travel, Foreign Study Experience, Cultural Dance, Global Art, World & Classical Languages

Senior Seminar Emphasis: French Medieval Literature
Senior Review Overview: Brittany, France – Regional Study

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